Launch of the ARMAC Magazine 2020

06 Feb

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Launch of the ARMAC Magazine 2020

6 February 2020, Siem Reap, Cambodia – The ASEAN Regional Mine Action Center is pleased to announce the publication of the first issue of the ARMAC Magazine 2020.

The Magazine is the first publication to focus on mine/ERW action in ASEAN, and will be a source of information, good practices and compelling stories from across the region. The first issue is dedicated to Mine Risk Education and features contributions from national authorities, mine action operators, NGOs and other stakeholders working within the sector.

Through this first issue ARMAC hopes to provide inspiration and guidance when formulating risk education programme,s and give recognition to the formidable work being done to drive the ASEAN region ever closer to the ultimate goal of zero casualties from mines/ERW.

Some featured articles include:

The Explosive Ordnance Risk Education Advisory Group (EORE-AG)

A World Class Monitoring Tool: The Cambodian Mine/UXO Victim Information System

From Zero Risk to Risk Reduction: Considering a Public Health Approach to MRE in Lao PDR

DanChurchAid Launches an Interactive MRE App

Thailand Makes Landmine Danger Signs More Accessible to Migrants

Vietnam Leads With New Innovative Approaches to Mine/UXO Education

The Magazine is now available for download and can be found at:

(ARMAC 06 February 2020)


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