26-30 June 2023 – Siem Reap, Cambodia Psychosocial Support Training (Batch 4)

26 to 30 June 2023 – Psychosocial Support Training (Batch 4), Siem Reap, Cambodia
The ASEAN Regional Mine Action Center (ARMAC), together with the Cambodian Mine Action and Victim Assistance Authority (CMAA) and Singapore Health Services (SingHealth), has successfully completed a five-day training Psychosocial Support Training (batch 4) under the project ‘Enhance Victim Assistance Programme in the ASEAN member states or Victim Assistance Project. The training aims to build the capacity on psychosocial support skills to related healthcare workers in Cambodia.
A five-day training has equipped trainees with essential and valuable psychosocial support knowledge and skills to recognize related conditions and provide necessary supports to landmines/ERW effected communities/areas and related patients who are at risk from depression, stress, suicidal ideation, anxiety, trauma, alcohol use disorder and drug addiction.
The knowledge and skills gained from this training are not only applicable to business context, but also applicable to personal context, such as caring for self, sharing the skills with family, friends and colleagues.
Prof Leslie Lim and Dr. Evelyn Boon, with a team of five psychology and psychiatry experts, led this five-day training; 50 doctors, psychiatrists, and nurse from 15 health facilities across Cambodia attended this training.
The training was made possible by the generous funding received from the Government of the Republic of Korea through ASEAN-Korea Cooperation Fund (AKCF).
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