Permanent secretariat

Message from the Executive Director

As the Executive Director of ARMAC, I would like to welcome you to our collective efforts to address aspects of humanitarian mine action. I am proud of the impactful and diverse range of activities that ARMAC has successfully carried out in its relatively short history. ARMAC activities continue to support efforts of national mine action authorities of the affected AMS to rid their lands of landmine/ERW, reduce the number of accidents/casualties caused by landmine/ERW, provide effective Explosive Ordnance Risk Education (EORE) and facilitate support for Victim of landmine/ERW.  We act as a conduit to share the wealth of knowledge, experience and technical expertise that exists within the region, and continue to grow and develop as a respected Humanitarian Mine Action entity on the international stage. I invite you to learn more about the important work of ARMAC and the exciting activities we have planned.

Organizational Structure

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