ARMAC joins Fifth Forum of Entities Associated with ASEAN

11 Jun

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ARMAC joins Fifth Forum of Entities Associated with ASEAN

11 June 2021 – ARMAC ED Prum Suonpraseth participated in the virtual Fifth Forum of Entities Associate with ASEAN. The Forum was convened to further strengthen the partnership between entities and ASEAN Secretariat, ASEAN sectoral bodies, ASEAN related centres, and among themselves.

One of the highlights of this year’s forum was the launch of the Entities Digital Platform, an independent cybernetic space for ASEAN’s associated entities and centres, which is embedded in the ASEAN website. It allows members to directly engage with one another; to post event announcements, and to call for applications. It also aims to streamline the accreditation process through digitalization.

The Forum was attended by about 100 participants representing ASEAN parliamentarians, judiciaries, youth, civil societies, women, and business and professional associations.

(ARMAC, 11 June 2021)


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