01 Dec
The Courtesy Call of ARMAC with UNDP

ARMAC requested a courtesy call to the United Nations Development Program in Cambodia on 1 December 2017. In the courtesy call, Mr. Ly Panharith, Executive Director of ARMAC, explained the history and structure of ARMAC as the center of excellence which facilitates mine action support to ASEAN Member States (AMS). The Executive Director continued to elaborate the 3 (three) mandate and functions of ARMAC.

He also underlined the importance of conducting a survey or discussion to assess the needs and challenges faced by the landmine/ERW affected states in ASEAN, as well as to map out the available resources inside and/or outside the region to support the mine action program.

Ms. Claire Vander Vaeren, UNDP Resident Representative in Cambodia expressed her interest in the work of ARMAC and the way ARMAC will collaborate with other regional and national mine action organisations. She asked ARMAC to make a specific request if any technical assistance from UNDP is needed. She also offered to connect ARMAC to UNMAS for further discussion and cooperation.

30 Nov
ARMAC Meets the Humanitarian Mine Action Initiative Myanmar and Norwegian People’s Aid

On 30 November 2017, ARMAC hosted a meeting with the Humanitarian Mine Action Initiative Myanmar and Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) Cambodia, at the ARMAC Permanent Secretariat.

Mr. U Tant Zin, President of HMAI, explained that over half of Myanmar’s land area is contaminated with the landmines/ERW, with 44% of the contamination being UXO, anti-vehicle and antipersonnel mines, and 56% being unknown types. Based on the data collected from the Myanmar Information Management Unit (MIMU), the civilian landmine casualties include men (61%), women (4%), and children (4%), and details of 31% of victims are unknown. Mr. Aksel Steen Nilsen added that the use of landmines is still quite high in Myanmar.

Among 5 (five) core components of mine action, NGOs in Myanmar have implemented programmes for 2 (two) components, mine risk education and victim assistance. NGOs such as NPA, HaloTrust, and MAG have been overseeing these mine action initiatives in Myanmar.

It is necessary to support the mine clearance in Myanmar considering the existing high contamination in the country. ARMAC will conduct a survey to further identify the actual needs and challenges faced by the affected ASEAN Member States, as well as to assess the available resources required to elevate mine action in the affected states.

29 Nov
ARMAC’s Courtesy Call with the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in Cambodia

ARMAC’s Courtesy Call with the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in Cambodia

HE Mr. Xiong Bo, the Ambassador of People’s Republic of China (PRC) in Cambodia, hosted a courtesy call requested by ARMAC on 28 November 2017. The courtesy call started with the introduction of ARMAC by the Executive Director of ARMAC, Mr. Ly Panharith. HE Mr. Xiong Bo was keen to know about the function of ARMAC as an entity in the ASEAN region, as he realised that the impact of landmines/ERW in ASEAN Member States (AMS) could affect the development sector.

PRC supported the establishment of ARMAC by providing the office renovation and office equipment in 2015. Mr. Ly Panharith proposed some aspects of cooperation between PRC and China. HE Mr. Xiong Bo added that People’s Republic of China has committed to the supporting the implementation of ASEAN priorities though the ASEAN+1 mechanism and that he would convey ARMAC’s proposal to the government of PRC.

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