Meeting with H.E. Ms. Amelita Aquino, Ambassador of the Republic of the Philippines

08 Apr

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Meeting with H.E. Ms. Amelita Aquino, Philippine Ambassador in Cambodia

08 April 2021 – ARMAC Executive Director and the Permanent Secretariat staff paid a courtesy call to H.E. Ms. Amelita Aquino, the Ambassador of the Republic of the Philippines to the Kingdom of Cambodia where they discussed ARMAC’s role as a center of excellence in the region, under the ASEAN Security Cooperation, in addressing landmines and explosive remnants of war for interested ASEAN Member States (AMS); and the Philippine’s ongoing engagement with ARMAC.

ARMAC ED in their discussion underscored how the Philippines contribution and support during ARMAC’s formative years was instrumental in forging interests among other AMS. The Philippine ambassador on her part recognized ARMAC’s efforts in bringing about lasting peace, security and development in the region, and agreed to help mobilize support among AMS and the international community at large.

(ARMAC, 08 April 2021)


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