Potential Collaboration Between ARMAC and JICA Cambodia

27 Oct

Phnom Penh: 27 October 2021 – ARMAC Executive Director (ED) and Management staff met with JICA Deputy Chief Representative Mr. Shinji Yahagawa,  and JICA Technical Advisor to CMA Mr. Hayashi Akihita to explore future opportunities for collaboration.

During the meeting, ARMAC ED gave an overview of the organization‘s ongoing and pipeline projects. He also provided examples on which areas can ARMAC and JICA possibly engage with to promote regional cooperation, and partnership.

JICA shared that their experience on South-South Cooperation using Cambodia and Lao PDR exemplified successful partnerships between Japan and ASEAN countries.  As a center of excellence under the ASEAN Security Cooperation, both ARMAC and JICA agreed that that ARMAC’s role is to broker between stakeholders/partners in the region to widen the scope of South-South cooperation in the mine action sector.

A video presentation showing ARMAC’s engagements in the last 4 years was also shown.

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