Regional Land Release Course For Southeast Asia


27 November – 08 December 2023, Laung Prabang, Lao PDR


The primary objective of the Land Release Training course is to empower Mine Action (MA) field managers and personnel by providing them with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills necessary to expertly plan, manage, and execute efficient and effective Land Release (LR) operations. Throughout the course, participants will be equipped with essential insights and techniques in the application of Non- Technical Survey (NTS), Technical Survey (TS), and various clearance methods, all while incorporating both internal and external Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) elements. Information Management, as well as Gender, Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion will not be covered in a separate module but will be an integral part of the course and will be mainstreamed through all modules, for the duration of the entire course.

A key focus of the training will revolve around integrating all operational processes into a cohesive Land Release process. By emphasizing the significance of individual and collective contributions to the concept of “All Reasonable Effort” (ARE) in mine action, participants will gain a deeper understanding of how their efforts can make a meaningful difference in enhancing the safety and fostering the development of affected communities.

In pursuit of these objectives, the course will foster an environment where practical skills are practiced, and theoretical knowledge is reinforced through hands-on exercises and real-life scenarios. Participants will be encouraged to engage in critical thinking and problem-solving exercises to develop a holistic understanding of the challenges and complexities involved in Mine Action operations.

Furthermore, the training will promote collaboration and teamwork, encouraging participants to work together effectively to overcome hurdles and achieve successful outcomes. By instilling a sense of responsibility and accountability, the course will ensure that field managers and personnel are well- prepared to handle the demanding tasks associated with Land Release operations.

Ultimately, the Land Release Training course seeks to empower participants with the expertise and confidence needed to make a positive impact in mine-affected areas. Furnished with this comprehensive knowledge and a commitment to “All Reasonable Effort,” Mine Action field managers and personnel will play a crucial role in building safer and more prosperous communities, paving the way for sustainable development and progress. By empowering field managers with this fundamental knowledge, the GICHD training package paves the way for a more secure and prosperous future in mine-affected regions of Southeast Asia.

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