REGIONAL WORKSHOP 24-26 October 2023, Seoul, the Republic of Korea


Promoting Establishment of the Regional Victim Assistance Network


Initiation of the Guideline to Enhance Victim Assistance Programme

in the ASEAN Region

under the project

“Enhance Victim Assistance Programme in the ASEAN Member States”

24-26 October 2023, Seoul, the Republic of Korea


  1. This Regional Workshop is expected to finalize the draft of the Terms of Reference (TOR) for the Regional Victim Assistance Network (VAN) and its communication mechanisms that have been developed through a series of consultative meetings from 2021 until now. This will subsequently be submitted to the ARMAC’s Steering Committee and related ASEAN stakeholders for further inputs before final approval.
  2. The VAN is expected to serve as a central point to integrate victim assistance at a regional level to share knowledge-best practices and mobilise resources to support each other and discuss efforts which will address challenges in victim assistance services. This includes, but is not limited to, promoting mine action national authorities and centres to develop and review related national standards, strategy and guideline development to enhance victim assistance programmes in relative countries, and the integration of these views at the regional level.
  3. This workshop is intended to further initiate the development of the country profile of EO affected AMS and the development of regional guidelines to enhance relative victim assistance programmes. The country’s profile is expected to provide an understanding of national context on victim assistance services in the EO affected countries. The regional guideline is expecting to cover necessary aspects on related conventions, legal framework, and policies while giving detail to relevant stakeholders’ responsibility and commitment on intention to implement victim assistance services.  This, ultimately, can provide clear direction on how the members of the regional VAN can collaborate effectively to support one another to improve victim assistance services at the regional level.
  4. The planned field study visit is intended to demonstrate the available services on physical rehabilitation and mental health supports being provided to landmine/unexploded ordnance victims in the host-country. The participants are expected to learn about the comprehensive service package under the operation of an excellent hospital facilities including Yonsei University Hospital and the military relevant institute.

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