Regional Workshop on ASEAN Victim Assistance Network

24-26 October 2023, Seoul, Republic of Korea:

ARMAC Regional Workshop Deliberated the establishment of victim assistance network in the ASEAN region, its ToR, Guidelines and Communication Mechanism.
Under the project “Enhance Victim Assistance Programme in the ASEAN Member States”, the ASEAN Regional Mine Action Center (ARMAC) organized the Regional Workshop to promote the establishment of a Regional Victim Assistance Network, Initiation of the guidelines to Enhance Victim Assistance Programme and its communication machanism in the ASEAN region. The workshop collected and synthesized inputs from ASEAN Member States’ (AMSs) representatives, and relevant stakeholders such as the ASEAN-Korea Cooperation Fund, Humanity and Inclusion and NMAAs. Outputs from the workshop revealed that having the regional network in place as a central point to link related stakeholders collaborating on victim assistance services is essential and will be beneficial to explosive ordnance (EO) victim services providers. Stakeholders can use the network as a platform to learn, share knowledges and exchange best practices. Moreover, it is hoped that the network will continue to enhance the collaboration among explosive ordnance affected and non-affected countries to support one another as they improve victim assistance services.
The two-day workshop and a field study visit in Korea was co-organized by ARMAC and Peace Sharing Association (PSA) led by Mr. Prum Suonpraseth, Executive Director ASEAN Regional Mine Action Center and Mr. Jo Jai Kook respectively and hosted by Yonsei University.

Guests of honor were H.E. Mrs. Zelda Wulan Kartika, Deputy Chief of Mission of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia to Korea and representative of the Chair of the Steering Committee of ARMAC. Other key guests of honor include Mr. Choi Kang Shik, Dean of Institute of East West Studies of Yonsei University, Mr. Park Yoonjoo, Deputy Chief of Mission of the Permanent Mission of Republic of Korea to ASEAN and Ms. Park Hyung Ji, Interim ED of Korean Committee for UNICEF. A total of 38 representatives from the ten ASEAN Member States, international and national organizations participated in the meeting.

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